He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves.
Psalm 107:29 NLT

I was sitting in a meeting at the gallery one day helping to plan for a summer walking tour of the harbor area where the gallery is located. We were discussing the flyer to be left in local restaurants and motels where tourists would be sure to see them. Someone suggested that the picture on the flyer should be a boat instead of the gallery. They all looked at me and I was elected to draw the boat. I laughed and told them the next picture I planned to draw was a boat. I had already taken my photos and had them clipped to my drawing board. I went home after the meeting and drew TMB.

TMB is one in a series of four boat drawings. Ladyfern and Whale Feathers are also in this series. The fourth and final drawing of the series is still to come.
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