Terri's Promise, from original pen & ink by Wayne Bricco

Terri's Promise

You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me!
I sing for joy because of what you have done.

Psalm 92:4 NLT

When it comes to drawing, flowers are my passion. I have enjoyed working on all the pictures I have drawn. I have even been set on a few quests in order to have enough of one topic for calendars, i.e. Pacific Northwest Lighthouses, Oregon Covered Bridges, and Del Norte County Scenes; but... flowers are my passion!

If I am drawing something man-made, such as a truck or lighthouse, I have to draw it the way it really is. I want every fender and lens to be right. I don't want some guy to come up to me at an art show and say, "I worked on that bridge, and that beam just isn't right."

When I draw flowers, I am free to draw them the way I feel they need to be. God makes each one unique, so I don't feel the pressure to make mine look like His.

I have admired the photography of Terri McKee, a fellow artist and acquaintance, for several years, and Terri has followed my work with favorable comments. I was honored to have her request that I draw one of her photographs. I chose her daylily as my subject. Thank you for the honor, Terri. I'm glad you were pleased with the result.

Each picture I draw has a special challenge for me. Getting the colors right was my stretch on this one as I had to blend the colors at the center of each flower from green to magenta.
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