Mountain Hideaway

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.
Psalm 37:7a NLT

I have always enjoyed spending time in God's great outdoors. As a boy growing up in Oregon in the Klamath Falls/Chiloquin area, I loved to get out into the hills and the pine forest and just be alone with nature. I tried to capture some of that feeling in Mountain Hideaway.

This picture did not happen like any other picture I have drawn to date. When we do an art fair, I always sit and draw while I visit with people. I decide ahead of time what I'm going to draw, get my paper taped to my drawing board, and lay out the drawing. Not so for this one!

We were doing the Mother's Day Show at Heritage Mall in Albany, OR, and I was working on Returning Home. I had forgotten it was a four-day show instead of a three-day, so I finished it a day early... mid-day! My options were: sit there for a day and a half with nothing to work on, or start a new picture from scratch. I chose the latter.

I usually take photos of what I plan to draw; this time I had nothing but my imagination and memories to work from. I guess I had enough of both because I'm pleased with how it came out!

Update: Mountain Meadow is a companion drawing to Mountain Hideaway, featuring Mount Hood.
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