Judenburg Tower
Judenburg, Austria

You are my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.
Psalm 61:3 NRSV

I was excited when Christa asked me if I would draw a picture for her brother in Austria. She wanted to send him a drawing of the tower in the town where they grew up.

Usually, I take my own photographs to work from - with lots of close-ups so I can see all the details. Christa only had a couple of pictures of the tower ...and they were from a distance. Using those, plus the information Kathy was able to find on the internet, I began to construct Judenburg Tower (pronounced YOU-den-burg) on my drawing board.

It was a fun challenge working with all the angles and architectural details of the tower and the nearby church. It's amazing to think that one of my drawings is hanging in an office in Salzburg!
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