Cross of Thorns

Then Jesus came out wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe.
John 19:5a NLT

I had been using my photograph of a Canadian thistle as my computer screensaver for about a year. I wanted to draw it, but somehow I always chose to do something else. One day I was trying to decide what to draw for Easter. I turned on my computer to look through the photos I have stored there and noticed that the arrow on my computer was pointing to a cross of thorns on my photo. I had never noticed it before. How could I not draw the thistle?!

The question was - what should the background be? Since there was hardly any foliage on the thistle, and the crossed thorns were a light gold, I would need something dark behind it. I thought an archway or door might work. Then I remembered the picture I had taken in Tarragona, Spain of an archway into a tunnel leading down to the floor of the arena in an ancient coliseum. Considering it was a Roman archway of the first century, I thought it very appropriate for the background for this Cross of Thorns.
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